Bliss - A Quiet Conversation

I will talk about you Silence.
If someone mentions your name,
you will disappear!
The nights are your best friends.
A word stuck behind the lips.
Thus you were born!
You hate the abundance of words.
You rarely talk.
Your dialogues are non-existent.
You are denial’s shield.
Every word is like a blade.

You hid the grindstone.
They say silence is golden.
And here I am! Cut in half.
I am not Midas.
I am waiting for one word only.
If you remain silent I will insist.
I will become a scream.
Because I will interpret you the way I like.
You are ignoring me but I will climb
Your staircase.
I always express what I feel.
And I ended up alone.
More silent you will be when you get back.
I know you will punish me.
My words were many.
But so be it. I am not afraid.
We are dead if we do not dare.
Look! I am resurrected.
Silence, about you I talked.
I just mentioned your name.
And you disappeared!

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